We Get It.

Selling your business is a major life event.

We aim to be the buyer & partner of choice for the thoughtful business owner.

About BSP

BSP is a firm owned and operated by partners with decades of experience in analyzing, acquiring and operating businesses. As a private investment partnership, we seek to acquire small to mid-sized companies and invest using primarily our own capital. We aim to be the partner of choice for the thoughtful business owner looking to sell by being flexible, structuring win-win outcomes and following through on our word.

How we do things


Our word and reputation matters

We understand that selling your business is a significant life decision and will hold information in confidence

We invest using primarily our own capital – this makes getting a deal done simpler and easier

We will not waste people’s time

Investment Process

We invest our own capital so we can make decisions quickly and with certainty

We will only provide a preliminary offer that we are confident we can close on

We believe that by working together, getting to know the owner & management and being creative, we can offer attractive solutions for all stakeholders

We are flexible in designing transaction structures that create win-win outcomes

Post Close

The owner transition, if applicable, will be done in a collaborative and thoughtful manner

We follow through on what was promised and our involvement with the business can vary based upon the situation. We can introduce former business owners and brokers who can provide context on how we work together.

We strive to maintain what has made the business successful to date, whether that be culture, a brand, reputation or relationships. We aim to help grow or enhance what has already been built by leveraging our experience, infrastructure and network.

Unlike traditional private equity or search funds, we have no need or desire to sell a good business after a specific period of time


Acquired November 2023
British Columbia

Industry: A leading North American provider of specialized fluid management products

The business is a leading fabricator of pump stations, tanks and accessories used in a variety of civil, commercial & industrial applications. The company’s service and superior craftsmanship have established it as a market leader in delivering custom solutions for the most challenging applications.

Acquired May 2023

Industry: A leading North American retail display systems manufacturer

The business has been an industry leader in offering innovative flooring-related display solutions to many of North America’s top retail chains. The business has a strong reputation for building high quality & durable products, always delivered on time. All products are produced in North America and the business has been successfully operating since 1949.

Acquired June 2021

Industry: A leading designer and manufacturer of material handling solutions

The business excels in manufacturing specialized returnable packaging and material handling solutions, and stands as one of North America’s largest distributors of components essential for producing storage containers. With a seamless transition in management and sustained investment in vital staff, the company is well-positioned for further expansion in this appealing industrial segment.

Acquired February 2019

Industry: Custom exhibit manufacturer, experiential marketing and design services

The company stands as Canada’s leading innovator in creating and managing exceptional exhibitions, events, and experiences. Named as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in Canada three years in a row, the company provides exceptional service to customers across North American and around the world.

Investment Criteria

Business Criteria

North American businesses with $1-5M of EBITDA / cash flow

Simple businesses that are easy to understand

Offer products or services that add value to customers

Wish List

We fully recognize that in the real world no business is perfect. We will carefully evaluate each company and can offer a proposal based on what we believe the business is worth.

Owners who have built the business to last, not be sold and want to see it succeed long term

Long term and recurring customer relationships with limited customer concentration & demand cyclicality

Healthy industry dynamics & a solid competitive positioning

Organic and/or inorganic growth opportunities

Attractive margins & returns on the capital invested into the business

Deal Structuring

We seek a controlling interest or full ownership

A reasonable expectation on price & deal terms given the characteristics of the business

Access to the right information and people to make an informed decision

We aim to understand what is most important to the owner, then design a deal structure that aligns interests and works for both sides

Our Team

Our team is made up of honest, hard working and passionate people with differentiated skill sets.

Listed Alphabetically

Bryan Barchiesi

Bryan is an accomplished accountant who graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University and earned his CPA, CA designation while working at EY. With a career spanning diverse industries and enterprise size, he has gained firsthand experience building high performing teams and managing change in various environments. As a key member of the management group at Freshii, Bryan played a key role in successfully orchestrating an Initial Public Offering on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Bryan enjoys travelling, immersing himself in diverse cultures and maintaining an active lifestyle by participating in triathlons.

Daniel Moynihan

Dan is a private and public markets investor with experience in venture capital, hedge fund, and Fortune 500 strategy roles. Over his fifteen years of experience, Dan has been exposed to a diverse set of industries and traveled extensively, developing first-hand knowledge of businesses across North America, South America, Asia, and Europe. Dan graduated with high distinction from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. He enjoys traveling and spending time near the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and Quetico Provincial Park with his wife and daughter.

Finley Bond

Finley is currently a Master of Finance student at Queen’s University and worked in financial data analysis prior to joining the team. He is also pursuing the CFA charter, having recently passed the CFA Level 2 exam.

Finley loves staying active by playing almost any sport. He also likes to spend time learning to cook various dishes and enjoys traveling to discover new cultures and history.

Justin Dudka

Justin is a graduate from the University of Alberta’s School of Business and spent his early career in retail banking before moving into wealth management. Justin holds the Certified Financial Planner designation. 

Justin enjoys working on DIY projects at home, trips to the mountains to snowboard or challenging destination hikes such as W-trek in Patagonia or the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island.

Len Kipp

Len is a private and public markets investor. Len is a graduate of the Richard Ivey School of Business where he graduated with Distinction and was a finalist for Robert G. Siskind Entrepreneurial Award. Len has over fifteen years of experience in investment banking, private equity and hedge funds.

Len enjoys getting away from the city to explore new cultures and consuming business literature, if you have a book that has changed your life or perspective share it with us.

Pascal Ambrosino, CPA

Pascal is a former accountant at EY and Vice President at Duff & Phelps in the Valuations and M&A group. He also spent 3 years working in East Africa as the co-founder of a social enterprise developing the next generation of accountants across the continent. He attended York University and holds the CPA, CA and CBV designations.

Pascal lives in Toronto with his wife and enjoys traveling & spending time with friends.

Sean O’Leary, CPA

Sean founded several successful businesses after attending Wilfrid Laurier University and obtaining his CPA designation. Sean sits on the Board of Directors of the Markham Board of Trade and also volunteers with the Young Professionals Network committee working to create a network for professionals under the age of 40. Sean enjoys being deeply connected with the community and giving back where possible.

Stephen Groff, CFA

Steve is a public market investor. Steve attended Wilfrid Laurier University and is a CFA charterholder. His interest in finance brought him to Fidelity Investments and ultimately CI Investments (Cambridge Global Asset Management) where he managed several billions of dollars of client capital across retail and institutional portfolios. Steve was the winner of the Morningstar Breakout Fund Manager of the Year along with a number of Lipper, TopGun & FundGrade A+ Awards. 

Steve lives in Toronto with his wife, two young children. When he’s not chasing his kids around, he loves to ski, run & travel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does BSP have experience in closing transactions and operating businesses?

Yes. It’s not our first rodeo. A business owner looking to sell their business can partner with a group that has real experience in closing deals and operating businesses.

Where does BSP funding come from?

Equity capital comes directly from BSP Partners. By investing our own capital, BSP is not reliant on third parties or investment committees to get a deal done.

Is Burlington Street Partners a ‘search fund’?

No, BSP is a collection of partners who use their own capital to acquire and own private companies. BSP owns multiple businesses and is not reliant on third party investors to close a deal.

Is there a timeline or a need to sell a company that is acquired?

No to both. Unlike private equity, BSP intends to own for the long-term and does not have a structure that requires us to sell a business by a certain time. Long term ownership brings a different mindset, one we believe is better for the business.

Does BSP require a current business owner to stay on for a given period of time?

BSP does not have rigid requirements. Instead, we listen to owners and work together to design a thoughtful plan that works for all parties.

I am potentially interested in selling a business, what should I do?

You can reach out to us directly. We will provide a prompt and thoughtful response.

Where does BSP source investment opportunities?

BSP is happy to engage directly with a business owner, through a broker or other intermediary. If you are an accountant, wealth planner, broker, advisor or friend to a potential seller, feel free to reach out.

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